Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Nuggets: MC5 "Sister Anne"

Hard to imagine a much better photo for the 4th of July than this one of the MC5. 

And when we talk about garage rock, certainly no one did it with more verve, innovation and sheer musical mayhem than the mighty MC5. They transcended all boundaries and owed as much to Sun Ra as they did to "Louie Louie". 

One of my favorites of theirs is "Sister Anne", written with absolute affection about a nun who taught Fred "Sonic" Smith in grade school. The song was on their third LP High Time. which came out in 1971. 


Growing up in Detroit like I did while the MC5 were still around was an honor. 

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Anonymous said...


Excellent trip to the past with this golden nugget. What's in the water in Wayne County?