Monday, July 1, 2013

The Stanleys - "Kid's Gonna Rock" - New Single and World Tour

The Stanleys are a power-pop outfit from Australia that really get around. Their latest release is a 7" single "Kid's Gonna Rock" which was produced by US producers Ken Stringfellow and Andy Lawson. Stringfellow is perhaps well-known to WYMA readers for his work with R.E.M., among others. And not only do The Stanleys get good production work stateside, they are embarking on a world tour that is truly a world tour. Starting on the US West Coast, working their way east, and east, and east... they just keep on going... around the world.

Here's "Kid's Gonna Rock" -upbeat power pop with strong guitars:

And here's "What Are We Gonna Do?":

They've got that classic guitar pop sound down pat - available on purple vinyl, no less. Click through either of the Bandcamp links to buy the record. And definitely look them up if you're lucky enough to be in a town they are coming to... Seriously, check out this itinerary. Big in Japan is one thing, but Big in Latvia? Amazing:

Thurs 4 July Old Towne Pub--Pasadena, USA
Fri 5 July House of Blues--Hollywood, USA
Sat 6 July The Mint--Los Angeles, USA
Sun 7 July Cake Shop--NYC, USA
Mon 8 July Goodbye Blue Monday--Brooklyn, USA
Wed 10 July Dark Side Club--Helsinki, Finland
Thurs 11 July Bastioni Aed (Bastion Gardens)--Tallinn, Estonia
Fri 12 July Krooks--Tartu, Estonia
Sat 13 July Summer Sound Festival--Liepaja, Latvia
Sun 14 July Funny Fox--Riga, Latvia
Mon 15 July Funny Fox--Riga, Latvia
Tues 16 July Funny Fox--Riga, Latvia
Wed 17 July Funny Fox--Riga, Latvia
Thurs 18 July Depo Club--Riga, Latvia
Fri 19 July Fonoklubs--Cesis, Latvia
Sat 20 July Cherry Festival--Zagare, Lithuania
Sun 21 July Positivus Festival--Salacgriva, Latvia
Wed 24 July Red Sugar Bar--Shaoxing, China
Thurs 25 July CMK Livehouse--Ningbo, China
Fri 26 July Vox--Wuhan, China
Sat 27 July Old What Bar--Beijing, China
Thurs 8 August The Mustang Bar--Perth, Australia
Fri 16 August Beat Nightclub--Perth Australia

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