Monday, July 29, 2013

Naked - Lie Follows Lie 7"

We are born naked, the undertaker prepares us for final rest naked, and moments in between we find ourselves naked.  When naked, we are defenseless, vulnerable, without trappings or extraneous distraction.  Edinburgh band Naked seeks to reveal that vulnerable, exposed element in music.  The band has just released their debut recording, the two-track Lie Follows Lie, on Song by Toad Records.  While two tracks is scant evidence to project a career arc, the songs comprising the single promise very good things for the future.

The title track is a icy, cinematic, reverb-heavy soundscape of guitar, vocals and percussion.  If it is dream pop, it is haunted dream pop.  "In Heaven" is a somewhat more traditional song, but yields nothing to the title track in terms of impact.  The vocals convey more emotion and the arrangement adeptly builds and releases tensions.  I love both tracks, but if I had to choose, I'd choose "In Heaven".

Here is the video for "Lie Follows Lie" --

Naked are Aggie, Alexander and Grant.  The members also have worked with Edinburgh School for the Death, which is one of my favorite Edinburgh bands over the last several years.


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