Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NEW SONGS: Week of Wonders - "Piggybacks" single

Week of Wonders is a new project of Leif Anders, former member of Orca Team. This new band formed in January 2013, playing music they call "tropical punk". I certainly get the tropical part, and perhaps there's some punk in the skittering nature of the rhythm section. But the vocals and guitars (which to me have an Afro-pop lean) are melodic as heck, which is something this band has in common with Orca Team. Both Scott (here) and I (here) featured Orca Team previously on WYMA, so this successor project is certainly welcome here, too.

Here's the video for "Piggyback":

And here's the b-side "The End of the Day":

They're on Athens label HHBTM Records.

Week of Wonders Facebook

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