Friday, July 26, 2013

REVIEW: Standish/Carlyon - Deleted Scenes

Standish/Carlyon are Conrad Standish (bass/vocals) and Tom Carlyon (guitar), formerly in Australian noir rock group Devastations.  But on Deleted Scenes they take a different tack into the night.  The rhythms and beats often are sparse, yet the arrangements have a glossy, urban noir feel.  The listener senses depths of emotion swirling under the surface.  This is some of the best headphones music I've heard this year, and is highly recommended for those late nights.

Several notable collaborations are part of this project.  Album closer "2 5 1 1" includes Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons, and "Feb Love" -- a slowly building slice of electro/dub soul -- includes vocals by Standish's spouse, Johnnine, who is a member of HTRK --

I love the heavy dub sound in this track --

"Moves, Moves" is a delightful rhythmic exercise underpinning Standish's falsetto --

The relaxed vibe for "Aqua Valerie" is a late-night favorite of mine --

Deleted Scenes was recorded in London.  It is our now on Felte (US/EU/UK) and Chapter Music (Aus)

Chapter Music

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