Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Summer Cannibals Track - "Hey/I Was Saved" from No Makeup - due out Aug 6

We recently featured an advance track, "Wear Me Out", by the Summer Cannibals from their forthcoming album - WYMA post here - and are glad to be able to share another one with you. Here's "Hey/I Was Saved" from No Makeup - due out August 6 on Portland's New Moss Records:

Jessica Boudreaux sings and plays guitars, and Marc Swart plays guitars, too. I thought I detected a Breeders vibe on the previous track, "Wear Me Out" - and I still do here, although the guitars growl a little more on this one. Two songs, two winners so far... Looking forward to this album.

Summer Cannibals website
New Moss Records 

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