Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bad Cop - Light On EP

The Light On EP is a blast of garage rock from Nashville's Bad Cop that wears its grease stains, youthful swagger, outsider perspective and innate pop sensibilities proudly.  And it is more than entitled to go so.  From the opening pop rock of "The Wind" (think Phoenix) and rootsy "Can't Get Enough", to the vamp of the title track, through the punk of "Post McDonald's Punk" (all too short at under two minutes) and finishing with  the catchy power pop riffs of "My Dying Days", the record leaves no doubt that these guys can make good rock music.  If you want some social commentary or hair-raising personal stories, the pay attention to the lyrics.

Bad Cop is a trio consisting of Adam Moult, Alex Harness, Mike Frazier and Kevin Kilpatrick.  The Light On EP will be released on Jeffery Drag Records on July 23.

Jeffery Drag Records

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