Saturday, July 6, 2013

REVIEW: James Younger - Feelin' American

James Younger released his debut album, Feelin’ American this week on Light Organ Records. To risk using an overused term, this is feel-good rock music that shows off a terrific pop-rock talent. Younger has loaded this album with truly enjoyable, timeless pop hooks and guitar riffs... each song seems catchier than the one before. He's a Brit-turned-American-turned-Canadian with a seemingly limitless well of hooks inspired by artists and traditions from both sides of the Atlantic. It's loose and easygoing - you can't help but bop along until you can learn the words, at which time you'll be singing out loud.

Here's the lead single, "Monday Morning":

And here's "Never Easy":

Echoes of some of my favorite guitar pop resound throughout the album - it calls to mind older stuff like The Byrds, ELO, Tom Petty and George Harrison's solo work, and more recent stuff like The Strokes - like their work, it's retro but new. If you're gonna synthesize a bunch of influences, it can turn out great as long as they are great ones... and as long as the guy pulling it all together has this kind of talent. Check out the harmony vocals on "Here And Gone", the way he jumps into the chorus, it's just impeccable:

This is beautiful stuff, and ought to become part of your summer soundtrack. Learn more, listen or buy at his website.

James Younger Facebook
Light Organ Records

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