Wednesday, July 17, 2013

REVIEW: The Memories - Love is the Law

Love is the Law by The Memories is a collection of 17 scruffy, jangly, rootsy and utterly charming songs about love, sex, and drugs.  Much of it is high quality slacker pop, and some of it might cause you to wonder whether the youth stick has struck the Beach Boys.  Consider it Portland, Oregon's contribution to modern romance literature (I don't actually have Portland's permission for that, but I dare them to sue me).  Most of the songs are short, but all are packed with melodies and hooks.  Courtesy of  Burger Records, the album is available on July 23.

Rikky Gage (vocals/guitar) and Kyle Handley (lead guitar) are also in White Fang.  But this album is the second effort as The Memories.  Adding bass player Izak Arida from Boom!, they recorded the album in various places, various states of consciousness and probably various levels of romantic fervor.  But rather than feeling disjointed, the songs seem bound together by a zest for life, a willingness to (over) share, and a great sense of fun.  It seems that memories can be a great source of inspiration.  This one is highly recommended.

The Memories - I Remember You from Gnar Tapes on Vimeo.

Burger Records

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