Tuesday, September 24, 2013

REVIEW: The Proctors - Everlasting Light

Competition is good, right?  It forces everyone in the arena to up their game.  In my opinion, the competition for jangle pop album of the year just got a bit hotter with the release of Everlasting Light by The Proctors.  The usual elements are all there: Sunny melodies, trademark guitar sounds and fragile boy/girl vocals.  But this album is more than a collection of nice elements.  Quite simply, The Proctors know how to craft a perfect pop song.  Take, for example "The Trouble With Forever" --

The Proctors were founded in 1993 by Gavin Priest after his former group, The Cudgels, disbanded.  Playing variously as a three-piece and a four-piece they released several recordings over the next few years, including singles, and EP and an album.  Their work also appeared on some compilations.  Gavin was involved with other projects as well, and the band went on hiatus in '97.  The band began writing again a few years ago, and have released a 7" and appeared at Indietracks and various Popfest festivals.  The current line up includes Gavin, Adrian Jones and Margaret Calleja.  Lisa Westerlund plays bass at live events.

Everlasting Light brings together the best of the confident west coast jangle of The Byrds and the melancholy pop songwriting of UK acts such as early Primal Scream, Biff Bang Pow!, and The House of Love, The Razorcuts and many others on the roster of Sarah Records and Creation Records.  It is exactly what I needed for my fall soundtrack.

The lovely, wistful "Ember Days", with Terry Bickers of The House of Love helping out on guitar --

Everlasting Light is available from Shelflife Records as an LP (with download code), CD or digital download.

Shelflife Records link for album

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