Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Nuggets- The Fleshtones "American Beat '84"

Having dipped into the 2nd generation of great garage rock lasts week with Lyres, we started thinking about one of our all time favorites, The Fleshtones. Few bands have ever screamed of New York City like these Queens natives who started in 1976 and are still (!) going today.   

And if you want pure 1980's nostalgia, it doesn't get better than this video featuring the Fleshtones doing their minor hit "American Beat '84" from the film Bachelor Party:

The Fleshtones got an extra boost from their tremendously entertaining singer and musical encyclopedia Peter Zaremba hosting a show on MTV. But it was as a live act that they shined brightest. I'm an especially big fan of guitarist Keith Streng who just plain brought it, every song, every night, a garage rock god.

Here they are doing "Hitsburg USA" and "Love's in the Game" in 1999:

The Fleshtones Facebook page

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