Monday, September 16, 2013

New Country-Rock Discovery: Have Gun, Will Travel - Fiction, Fact or Folktale?

Have Gun, Will Travel is the vehicle of singer/songwriter Matt Burke. It's a familiar country-rock sound, featuring acoustic and electric instruments and a raspy lead vocal. They hail from Bradenton, FL and are on This Is American Music - a label that has sent us a terrific variety of country rock sounds. These guys are among the most straight-up country sounding ones we've heard in a while. Here's the lead track "Standing at the End of the World" - a singalong country anthem if there ever was one:

In fact, most songs on this album feature repetitive, fairly basic lyrics with familiar phrases - and to me, the method behind this is to make it all more singable. Some titles: "Another Fine Mess", "Finer Things", "High Road", "The Show Must Go On"... Here's "Another Fine Mess":

As I said, they're creating an atmosphere, with Burke's engaging voice and folky instrumentation, to make you want to join in. And I bet you will. You can buy, listen to more or find tour information at the links below.

Have Gun, Will Travel website
This Is American Music

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