Monday, September 30, 2013

More Finnish Guitar Rock: Matti Jasu - Pin on the Map

Matti Jasu is a Finnish singer/songwriter playing a tried-and-true take on guitar rock. We featured his previous EP (WYMA post here) and are glad to hear from him again. He's got a good voice - kind of clear and vulnerable - and is one heck of a guitar player - seriously, in places he's Crazy Horse-good. Feedback and all. Here's the title track from his new album, Pin on the Map:

The last three minutes of that song are a guitar lover's dream come true. No pretense, just a loping rhythm section and a guitar workout that would make Young and Sampedro proud.

And even though the best stuff (to me) is the guitar-heavy rock, he plays some very engaging folk rock too. Here's "She Won't Come Back":

And some Americana-leaning piano-based rock - here's "Love That Didn't Fail":

You can listen to the whole album, read more and buy at the links below.

Matti Jasu website

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