Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Introducing: Tallinn Daggers, and free songs

For proof that the Scandinavians haven't cornered the market for euphoric pop in theBaltic region look no further than Estonia's Tallinn Daggers.  The band is comprised of Ardo Kivi (vocals/guitar), Paul Sild (guitar), Rein Fuks (bass/backing vocals), Joosep Volk (electronic drums) and Birgit Pauklin (synths/percussion/sampler).  Formed in 2009, the band uses guitars, keyboards, sampled strings, electronic percussion and pedals to construct their soaring melodies.  Their latest effort is the single "Highwire Artists", consisting of the title track and an Imandra Lake remix of and older song, "Not A Sin".  Check out and download the tunes below, it is good stuff.


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