Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NEW SONG: Positive No - "Pocket Park" from Via Florum EP, out Oct. 1

A rocking rhythm section with a bit of punk backbeat, jangly/fuzzy guitars, and a charming vocal - Richmond, VA's Positive No reminds me very much of some old Southern power pop favorites like Let's Active, Oh-OK (remember them?) and The Connells. I also detect some Pixies/Breeders influence, especially Kim Deal's vocal style, but this stuff is a little lighter on the whole than the Pixies and Breeders. And catchy, did I say catchy? Listen:

This first track sets the expectations pretty high - looking forward to hearing the rest of this EP, which will be out digitally Oct. 1 and on vinyl in November. You can pre-order the vinyl at Little Black Records.

Positive No website
Little Black Records

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