Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Jazz/Funk Discovery - Jyoti - Denderah

Jyoti is the name under which Georgia Anne Muldrow makes thoughtful, invigorating instrumental music that touches on jazz, soul and funk. She comes by her jazz interests and talent by way of her parents. Her father, Ronald Muldrow, was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with Eddie Harris. Her mother, Rickie-Byars Beckwith, singer/songwriter/composer who served as lead singer for Pharoah Sanders Ensemble, Roland Hanna, Howard Johnson & The New York Jazz Quartet. If any of these names, or the names Coltrane, Tyner or Hancock make you sit up and pay attention, then you will be well-served to check this out. It is excellent, top-shelf instrumental jazz, at the level of contemporary artists like Brad Mehldau and Yesterday's New Quintet. And there is a not-insubstantial connection to both the spirit and approach of funk artists like George Clinton.

Here's "Turiya's Smile" - a beautiful piano ballad that really does call to mind McCoy Tyner:

And for a taste of the funkier, electronic side, here's "Optimus Prime" - all Mothership-inspired synths and beats:

I also love the swing of "Siderealin'", which calls to mind great instrumentals like "Elizabeth Reed" or "Peaches En Regalia". (All roads, for me, lead to guitar rock...)

If I am to understand the press release on this record, she wrote, arranged and played everything herself. I am beyond impressed. She is a tremendous talent with a very engaging style. If you like jazz and funk and great keyboard playing, this is recommended to you most highly. You can listen to the rest of it, and buy the download or physical via Bandcamp (click through the songs above), or read more at her links below.

Georgia Anne Muldrow at SomeOthaShip

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