Tuesday, September 10, 2013

REVIEW: Terry Malts - Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

Well, school is back in session.  High school students can choose among college prep offerings.  College students pick some courses for their major, some for other requirements, and some to make sure the GPA is padded and Fridays are free from classes.  Young garage bands can take classes as well.  And those that took Killing Time (listed as Advanced Garage Rock - 301 in your course book) in 2012 can sign up for the graduate-level Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere (Garage Rock for the Charts - 401).  Instruction is once again provided by Terry Malts, with course materials provided via Slumberland Records.

You know what you are getting with Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere from the opening track.  The songs come hard and fast, with chainsaw guitars, aggressive bass and pounding drums.  The hooks and power pop melodies intertwine with the fuzz, and propulsive rhythms.  However, to my ears there is a bit more variety in this outing, with the softer "Comfortably Dumb" offset by the hardcore of "Life's A Dream".

With Terry Malts, the genius is in choosing a few elements, and then doing well.  I would suggest that they have a similar approach to The Jesus and Mary Chain, but while the Reid brothers worked their elements at the shoegaze/dream pop end of the spectrum, Terry Malts stays in the garage.  In case you are on the fence, here are two examples of the scholarship of Terry Malts.  Young garage bands should study the materials well; the rest of us will audit for enjoyment.

Terry Malts is Phil Benson (bass/vocals), Corey Cunningham (guitar/vocals), and Nathan Sweatt (drums).  The album is out now via Slumberland Records.


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