Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NEW SONGS: Mascott - "Cost/Amount" and "Our Life" from Cost/Amount EP

Mascott is the musical alter ego of Kendall Jane Meade - she's playing a breezy guitar pop which complements her bright, clear voice perfectly. I hear traces of Shawn Colvin in the vocals, and it does lean a bit "Americana". But at heart, this music is pure pop, down to the cover of Kirsty MacColl's beautiful ballad "They Don't Know" (of course many know it more readily as a Tracey Ullman song).

Here's the title track to this four-song EP, Cost/Amount. It starts out with a gently insistent guitar line and at about :40, she starts to show off some great pop hooks (both guitar and vocal):

Here's "Our Life", a slower acoustic-based ballad:

It's out now (released Sept. 17) on Kiam Records.

Mascott at Kiam Records

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