Friday, September 6, 2013

NEW SONG: Cheatahs - "Cut The Grass" b/w "Kenworth" - single available now, album early 2014

We've written about London's Cheatahs before - two of us, in fact (a song, here, and their EP Extended Plays, here). Their swirling, psychedelic guitar-based wall of sound really hit a sweet spot for us at WYMA. They're kind of a fascinating story - from four different countries, they met in London: James Wignall (guitar, vocals) is English, Dean Reid (bass and vocals) is American, Marc Raue (drums) is German and Nathan Hewitt (vocals, guitar) is Canadian. Of course, you know that kids all over the world have listened to Neil Young and Crazy Horse, My Bloody Valentine and the likes, so from disparate backgrounds, they unite over a love of intoxicating guitar rock.

Here's a new track, "Cut the Grass":

It's big, loud and bright - if possible, they have improved on their formula, something along the lines of Dinosaur Jr. meets Swervedriver. They're going to have a full album out early in 2014.

Cheatahs at Wichita Recordings

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