Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing: Dora Maar

I don't know much about Edinburgh band Dora Maar, and attempts to find out more via the internet revealed that the name isn't unique to the band (or, obviously, to the one or more other bands that use that name).  But I feel fairly confident in saying that this is the only band named Dora Maar in Scotland.

The band describes themselves as 'two Andrews, and Erika and a Liam'.  They play a brand of music that I personally term urban noir guitar pop.  Other bands I place in this category are Josef K, Orange Juice, Vic Godard & the Subway Sect, The Monochrome Set and Wake the President (and probably a large number of the residents of Brooklyn).  The guitars are clanging, jangling and spiky, and the melodies are compelling.  The crooning lead vocals (presumably by a band member not named Erika) recall the dulcet tones of Glasgow hero Edwyn Collins.  A great introduction to the band is their song "Jessica Says" --

"Jessica Says" is one of four songs on the band's Soundcloud page.  For your convenience, I have embedded the set below.  You are welcome.


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