Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NEW SONGS: Feel Alright - "Oahu Ohio" 7"

Feel Alright is another Canadian band from Mammoth Cave Recordings (we recently featured Gold from the same label). Based on these two artists, Mammoth Cave has struck a productive lo-fi beachy, punky vein. This stuff is just instantly, completely enjoyable, with the reverb, the upbeat guitar line, and on the title cut, "Oahu Ohio", the slightly cracked falsetto vocal in the chorus.

And here's "L'esprit de l'escalier" - with a super-catchy, fast, lighter-than-air guitar line that leads into a noisy chorus and another great falsetto vocal and, finally, a crashing finish - all in 1:46.

Finally, "Dark Incantations", with a definite Beach Boys vibe, but with, as its title might suggest, a dark side that only makes sense, as these kids likely got into punk rock before they even heard the Beach Boys (I'm just guessing). I love the drumming on this one.

Well done, kids, and well done, Mammoth Cave. This thing will literally extend your summer, even if only for a few days... It's out now (vinyl released Aug. 30) and you can download for "name your price" or buy vinyl at Mammoth Cave.

Feel Alright Bandcamp
Feel Alright at Mammoth Cave Recordings

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