Monday, September 23, 2013

"Mulberry Love", free from Running Red Lights

"Mulberry Love", the debut single from Toronto foursome Running Red Lights,  is a well-crafted pop song featuring soulful vocals and bright instrumentation.  The subject is the allure of the toxic lover -
She is bare on my red velvet chair flung out like a rug
And though I know she is barbed like a wire, I am tempted to touch
She's a lady of shipwrecks, my God, how she hurts
But as a man I am damned with desire for her
The band is offering the song for free, and we, and they, would like you to know that an album is planned for early in 2014.

Running Red Lights are Scarlett (vocals/guitar/keys), Dave Puzak (guitar), Kein Howley (drums/programming), and Jeff Carter (bass).


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