Monday, September 16, 2013

REVIEW: Las Kellies - Total Exposure

For Total Exposure, their fourth album, Argentinian trio  Las Kellies have chosen to not be defined by any specific genre.  The key production question wasn't "what fits", but "what sounds really good".  So the 15 tracks reflect new wave, post punk, chillwave, funk, dance rock and reggae influences.  What is consistent, however, is the quality of the performances and a glossy, dub-heavy production that maintains a coherent pop presentation and omnipresent groove.  And whether the ladies are channeling the garage pop of the Slits or the danceable trip hop of Massive Attack, you may well find it to be one of the catchiest collection of songs you have heard in a long time.  The Best synopsis I can offer is that the album is a wonderful package of raw intensity and infectious rhythms.  Get this album and put it on for your next party; you will be an instant taste maker.

Check out the sublime "Melting Ice" --

Here is an engaging reggae mash up with guest Dennis Bovell (who has worked with the Slits, Madness and Fela Kuti, and who mixed The Kellies third album) --

Enjoy a video of two of the album tracks, "Go V!" and "Typical Bitch", performed live in Paris last month --

The members of the band are listed as Ceci Kelley (guitar/vocals), Betty Kelly (bass/vocals), and Sil Kelley (drums/vocals).  They met at a gig in Buenos Aires in 2005 and decided to form a band.  Total Exposure is out now on Fire Records.

Fire Records

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