Saturday, September 14, 2013

REVIEW: Belle Adair - The Brave And The Blue

Belle Adair is a Muscle Shoals, AL-based country rock band playing a sort of languid style with swirling keyboards and guitars, including some really nice pedal steel, and warm, understated vocals. There's a sense of that British Invasion-meets-Southern soul thing that made bands like Big Star, R.E.M. and A.M.-era Wilco so enjoyable, although these guys tend to feature a bit more in the way of instrumental detours and some other interesting touches like electric piano and muted horns here and there. But like those Southern forefathers, Belle Adair sure don't skimp on guitar jangle, and they sure don't skimp on gorgeous vocal harmonies. They just released a new album The Brave And The Blue, and this is the first song, "Losing My Train":

And here's a video of them playing "Happy to Pretend" from an appearance at the High Watt. I think this is a beautiful song, and I just love the way the guitars take flight for about the last 2:00 - I find the guitar style kind of distinctive. It's not exactly like the Allmans, not really Outlaws, Skynyrd or Crazy Horse... they just have their own sound and it's terrific:

Finally, check out "Comes a Time". To me, it's got the elements I mentioned above, but a gentler approach and a sort of Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb feel to it. The pedal steel, and lead vocal in this one are beautiful:

Alabama, you've got a lot of good rock bands. Keep 'em coming. This one is out now, and it's on Single Lock Records. Read more, or buy, at the links below.

Belle Adair website
Single Lock Records

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