Tuesday, September 17, 2013

REVIEW: Cloud Control - Dream Cave

Dream Cave is the second album from Australian natives Cloud Control, and their first record since relocating to England.  To my ears the sound is that particular style that works the space along the intersection of dream pop and indie rock.  Their songs feel too much like anthems to be classified as the former, but have the fuzz, atmosphere and sonic breadth (and lack of real or pretend swagger) that makes rock a less than perfect good fit.  There is plenty of reverb and psychedelic touches as well.  But all that classification stuff aside, what the band delivers here are some very intriguing, tightly constructed and intelligently written songs.  And at its best, Dream Cave delivers music that you might well consider for your 2013 playlists.  The first song released was the excellent "Dojo Rising", which is the subject of the surreal video below --

A careful listen to Dream Cave may suggest comparisons with Yeasayer or Animal Collective.  But it seems to me that both musically and vocally Cloud Control works a tighter, more disciplined ethic, resulting in better defined hooks and more accessible music.  One of the more satisfying little pop songs this year is album track "Moonrabbit".  Due to some artist-unfriendly restrictions by WMG (why can't people who like music get in the music business?), I can't embed it, but you probably can figure out how to find it.  However, I can share one of my favorites, "Scar" --

Cloud Control is Alister Wright (guitars/vocals), Heidi Lenffer (keyboard/tambourine/vocals), Jeremy Kelshaw (bass/vocals), and Ulrich Lenffer (drums/vocals).


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