Monday, September 23, 2013

Preview: Casey Neill and the Norway Rats "All You Pretty Vandals"

One of our most anticipated releases of the year is All You Pretty Vandals from Casey Neill and the Norway Rats.  Neill's superior songwriting and passionate bar band ethos are top shelf. I've been listening to the songs from the upcoming record being worked out over the past year in Neill's frequent shows in Portland and have very high hopes for this CD.

Confirming my optimistic anticipation is this advance preview of one song from the CD, "My Little Dark Rose". Here's the song and a great summary of what is going on here from American Songwriter. Terrific song. This track and the full CD were produced by Chris Funk (Decemberists).

We'll review this CD closer to release date, but I've already reserved a spot for All You Pretty Vandals on my best of 2013 year end list.

Casey Neill artist web page

Casey Neill and the Norway Rats Facebook page

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