Saturday, September 21, 2013

Headspins - VIVIDISIM

Headspins play a brand of rock that it a bit post-punk, a bit math rock and a healthy dose of dance rock.  So it is spiky, jittery and taut, but boasts an infectious groove.  If you are a fan of the work of Seattle band Minus the Bear or UK band Foals, you certainly will want to spend some time with Headspins.  The members of the Auckland, New Zealand foursome are given as Bonsai (Ben), Tobz (Toby), Kiely (Liam) and Witchy.  Their second release, the five-track VIVIDISM EP, hit the streets earlier this month.  The songs are good, and the band has left enough rough edges on the performances to remain distinctive.

We have provided the first and last tracks of the EP for your evaluation.  You can stream the entire record at the Bandcamp link below, and as it is available for "name your price" I think you have a pretty good incentive to do so.


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