Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baggy Attitude 7" Flexi Disc - Record Store Day pick #2

This two-track release from Baggy Attitude is my second Record Store Day pick.  I admit that technically this isn't even a Record Store Day release, but I'm not big on following rules.  It is limited and hard to find, we are close to Record Store Day, and I think it is very good.  That is enough for me.

Baggy Attitude are Roxanne Clifford from the brilliant UK group Veronica Falls and Jess Scott from the wonderful San Francisco band Brilliant Colors.  The songs are covers of "Don't Ask Me" and "Swimming Pool", which were penned by Chris Knox of Dunedin, New Zealand legends Tall Dwarfs and Toy Love.  The release is a 7" flexi put out by Wacky Wacko.  By the way, I can't take any great credit for discovering this release, as I found it mentioned in this indie music blog from New Zealand:  Pop Lib blog.  The man knows what he is talking about.

Wacky Wacko

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