Saturday, April 26, 2014

Song By Toad 2014 Sampler

The title of this gem from Edinburgh's Song, By Toad Records is straightforward enough -- Song, By Toad Records 2014 Sampler.  But the subtitle is "Because the world is WRONG about music", and it sums up the maverick approach that label boss and blogger Matthew Young takes toward his music.   He records and releases music that matches his tastes, and is upfront about rejecting the conventional wisdom when he thinks it is wrong.  The foregoing isn't intended to suggest that Matthew's tastes are narrow (as you can determine for yourself by streaming the album below).  Matthew embraces the quiet and the noisy, but he likes his pop literate and sincerely executed.

So, here is the deal.  You provide Matthew with your email address, and you can download ten songs from records that Song, By Toad Records will release in 2014.  The album technically is "name your price", so an additional donation will not get you in trouble with The Man.  I have covered many of these artists and will cover others in the future, so I can endorse the quality of the music.  Sample two of the tracks below, and if your interest is aroused, stream or download the entire album.

"In Heaven" by Naked --

"Ilona You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant" by Virgin of the Birds --

Full album stream --

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