Monday, April 28, 2014

Doll/Candy Darling from Trick Mammoth

The worldwide economy requires continual exercise of thoughtful commerce to stave off the forces of evil and delay armageddon.  I'm sure you all want to do your part, but sometimes need a little guidance.  So you sit in front of your computers with dollars/pounds/Euros/futures contracts for barrels of oil clutched in your hands waiting for prudent spending suggestions.  I live for these moments where I can be of service to humanity.

Today's suggestion for sustaining global commerce and the advancement of humanity is Doll/Candy Darling from Trick Mammoth.  I've been a big fan of the band for some time (most recent post here), so it is no surprise that I'm enthusiastic about another record from the  Dunedin, New Zealand trio.  But in my view, this little release confirms my opinion that Trick Mammoth not only is a good band at the moment, but that it is a band with the potential to reach greater heights.  Doll/Candy Darling is two tracks of sweetly melancholy jangle pop that I think rank among the best songs this young band have created.  "Doll" is a sad song buoyed by a energetic melody, Millie's lead vocals and Millie and Adrian singing the chorus.  "Candy Darling" is an affecting jangle pop tune featuring Adrian's lead vocals.  Very few bands can layer the sweet and the sad as well as this one.  Trick Mammoth are Adrian Ng, Millie Lovelock and Sam Valentine.  Millie and Adrian both play guitar and sing, Sam drums and they all take turns playing bass.  Other bands for the three members include Males (Sam), Mavis Gary (Adrian) and Astro Children (Millie).

They are being released as the second installment of 2014's wiaiwya-7777777 7" picture disc singles club, and will be available in vinyl and digital formats.  If you pre-order you will receive an immediate download of "Candy Darling", which can be streamed below.

Perhaps a bit of background with respect to wiaiwya-7777777 is in order.  It is a London-based club devoted to the format of the 7" record.  You can subscribe to the entire 2014 series or purchase individual releases.  However, individual vinyl purchases of each release are limited to 77.  Subscribers to the 2014 edition will receive seven picture discs that in the aggregate provide an illustrated seven step guide to releasing vinyl records.  The other bands/artists will be Clemence Freschard,  The Leaf Library, The School, The Secret History, The Human Hearts, and Eagle Owl.

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