Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NEW SONG: Centro-matic - "Salty Disciple"

This qualifies as the best music news of the week for me: a new track from Centro-matic is always cause for celebration. "Salty Disciple" is a long track with a few changes, and like Centro-matic's last album, 2011's universally WYMA-acclaimed Candidate Waltz, it contains some new sounds - a bracing keyboard fanfare right at the beginning, some growling guitar, and a sort of sly, understated, in places spoken vocal approach. Like so many of my favorite Centro-matic tracks, it starts off with a good Matt Pence drum intro and fills out into a terrific chorus. Yeah, it's a familiar musical formula, but there aren't too many artists doing the chorus better than these guys.

Lyrical snippet for reflection: "Maybe you were just plucking it out of books and not living it..."

The album, titled Take Pride In Your Long Odds, will be out June 3. I can't wait.

By the way, they'll also be releasing a double vinyl version of Redo The Stacks at the same time, but will have 30 copies available for RSD in Austin, and online beginning next week. Check the website to learn more.

Centro-matic website

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