Wednesday, April 30, 2014

REMIX: Boardwalk posts Julia Holter remix of "I'm to Blame"

Boardwalk, the LA dream pop duo consisting of Mike Edge and Amber Quintero, released one of my favorite albums of 2013, so I'm inclined to pay attention to anything they send along... They're on Stones Throw, a label that has taken the remix/collaboration to a whole new level, so it makes sense that they would share one of the remixes of that album's best song, a stripped-down and rebuilt take on "I'm to Blame" made by LA musician Julia Holter. You can check it out here:

Then, if you've got the time, the talent and the inclination, you can grab the Boardwalk stems in a zip file here, and make your own remix. Then you can post it to the Stones Throw group on Soundcloud. There are three already!

Can I make a confession? I liked the original quite a bit, and I doubt it can be improved upon.

But I am glad to see so many folks like Boardwalk's music enough to make these things.

Boardwalk website

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