Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Minha Menina" from Donovan Blanc; free download

This post offers you a free song, but also serves as a teaser for the debut album from Donovan Blanc, which will be released via Captured Tracks on June 24.  While the New Jersey band is new to us, its members are not.  Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab previously were in Honeydrum, a band which featured numerous times on these pages over the years.  The song is "Minha Menina" (trans: "My Girl"), and is a track from the upcoming album.  With soft vocals, jangling guitars and a nice melody, I think it suggests very good things for the upcoming album.  The vibe is relaxed, but not languid, and hints of Brazilian influences.  While it shares the attention to detail that marked Honeydrum's work, the sound is cleaner.   Stream it or watch the video below. The Soundcloud link has a download button.


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