Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alan Smithee - "Snooze" // "The Almighty Alan Smithee Blues"

Alan Smithee is a four-piece Scottish garage band playing songs that are, at their core, classic British guitar pop.  But then there is something more.  The something more may be a bit of dreaminess, or a bit of psychedelia and some lo-fi wooziness.  It is dynamic, interesting -- even inspired -- stuff in to my way of thinking.  Glasgow label Flowers in the Dustbin is handling their latest release on April 7.  The record is a digital, two-track, double A-side single consisting of "Snooze" and "The Almighty Alan Smithee Blues", but if you pre-order on Bandcamp you receive and immediate digital download of "Missing Tongue".

"Missing Tongue"

Alan Smithee is Andrew Burns (vocals, guitar), Ruaridh Macpherson (guitar, vocals), Ryan Macpherson (bass), and Joe White (drums).

Flowers In The Dustbin

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