Monday, March 31, 2014

Ginnels - A Country Life

Young Irishman Mark Chester is a member of Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club.  But two bands just aren't enough, so Mark also records as Ginnels.  For live performances he is joined by Paddy Hanna, Bobby Aherne, Roy Duffy and Ruan Van Vliet.  Ginnels' 2013 album Plumes (review here) made my list of top 50 albums of 2013.  And now that we've had the opportunity to digest Plumes, Ginnels has released A Country Life -- 14 tracks of chiming, ringing, jangling guitar, fuzz, powerpop and other great guitar pop embellishments.  I assure you that you can listen to this album all day (as proof, I've been through it three times this morning) and like it more each time.  Mark has a gift, and he's sharing it with everyone.

A Country Life is available from labels Popical Island (for digital and tape, see the album's Bandcamp link below) and Tenorio Cotobade (for vinyl), and from the Ginnels' Bandcamp site.  See the links below.

Bandcamp for album
Popical Island on Facebook
Tenorio Cotobade on Bandcamp

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