Friday, March 28, 2014

"Don't You Call On Me" from Chris Devotion and the Expectations

Chris Devotion and the Expectations craft muscular, euphoric rock and roll and use it as the launching pad for Chris' swaggering, star-turn vocals.  We covered the band's debut album for Armellodie Records in 2012 (here).  Their new album, Break Out, will be available in June and can be pre-ordered at the Bandcamp link below.  But who would pre-order the album without sampling the songs?  That's a fair point, I think.  But CD/EX and Armellodie have anticipated that question, and have released "Don't You Call On Me" for your listening pleasure.  Moreover, the song can be downloaded free here.  Lend your ears to the cause, and I expect you'll agree that Chris Devotion and the Expectations can bring the heat.

Armellodie Records

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