Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Love Is A Bitter Thing" from RAMS' Pocket Radio

RAM's Pocket Radio is Peter McCauley.  The resident of Northern Ireland released his debut alum,  Béton, in 2013.  As he embarks on Irish and American tours, including five appearances at the SXSW Festival, he is releasing a single from the album, "Love Is A Bitter Thing", on March 17.  A dynamic piano track, I think it is an appropriate introduction to a talented artist.  Give it four minutes and sixteen seconds of your life, it is well spent.


Tour Dates
08-03-14 New York Webster Hall (with Duke Special)
10-03-14 SXSW Northern Irish party O/S 10pm
11-03-14 SXSW UKTI Great British Breakfast, Parkside
12-03-14 SXSW British Music Embassy showcase O/S 2.50pm
14-03-14 SXSW Full Irish Breakfast, BD Rileys
14-03-14 SXSW Official Showcase, BD Rileys
25-03-14 Ruby Sessions, Doyles, Dublin
29-03-14 Strand Arts Centre [All ages], Belfast

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