Monday, March 3, 2014

REVIEW: Blood of the Bull - Bend Over E.P.

Blood of the Bull is American born Glasgow resident Hillary Van Scoy.  For the past couple of years we have enjoyed her contributions to the lamentably defunct Aggi Doom, as well as DIVORCE and Phat Trophies.  But with Aggi Doom doomed, the silver lining may be more time for the members to delight us with their other projects.  And Hillary is the first to fill the gap with the four-track vinyl release, the Bend Over EP.  Treading the line between garage rock and mid-fi indie rock the EP delivers interesting and sweet-sounding melodies featuring Hillary's clear vocals and passionate delivery.  The lyrics balance the melodies with dark wit and shards of broken glass.  You'll find an appealing variety here, with the first two tracks more in the garage vein, the third track ventures into dream pop and the fourth track is a lo-fi keyboard romp. Try tracks two and four below.  You can stream the entire EP at the Bandcamp link.

I think the Bend Over EP hails the arrival of a talented artist, and I strongly recommend it.  The EP is available today via Soft Power Records.

Bandcamp for E.P.
Soundcloud page for Soft Power Records
Soft Power Records
Hillary Van Scoy on Soundcloud

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