Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Melodic - Effra Parade

The Melodic are a London five-piece who play folk rock with Latin influences.  With male/female vocals, a melodica, a variety of stringed instruments and world pop rhythms, they are an indie band like none other on the scene.  Eschewing the current mania among their folky brethren for Americana, they provide a breath of fresh air on genre alone.  However, their recently released debut album, Effra Parade, demonstrates that they can deliver musical content that certainly will excite fans of folk and world pop.  The songs on the album generally are both relaxed and relaxing, with a few rousing numbers that I expect would bring an appreciative live crowd to their feet.  Their art is sincere, and their home production perfect for the 15 songs on offer.  The vocals shine in the austere arrangements and the interplay of the vocals is smooth and unforced.  For me the overall effect is as if I were sitting in the living room of a group of musician friends on a Saturday night while they played their favorite tunes.  And that makes for a very good evening.

Effra Parade is out now via ANTI Records.  Below are three of the standout tracks from the album.  The third clip is a live version of "Come Outside", with fellow UK folk rocker and tour partner Johnny Flynn providing the fiddle.

The Melodic are Huw Williams, Rudi Schmidt, John Naldrett, Lydia Samuels, and James McCandless.  They currently are touring the United States, and the remaining dates are listed under the "Tour Dates" tab on their website.

Anti Records

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