Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"All That Gold" by Waterford

Ignorance of great music just because it originates in another country simply isn't excusable or acceptable in the age of instant international electronic connection.   Today, we here at WYMA are doing our part for globalization by promoting Australia's Waterford to our massive world-wide readership.  The Canberra four-piece are purveyors of fine indie guitar pop, and their latest offering is "All That Gold".  For power pop fans in the States and elsewhere, you may detect the same engaging qualities that draw you to Army Navy and Teenage Fanclub.  If you think "All That Gold" is good (and you would be correct), you can download it for "name your price" here.  You also may stream/buy their previous LP here.  A follow up LP is in the works via the band's label Birds Love Fighting.  But for now, think "gold".

Waterford are Pete Huet, Glen Martin, Andy Heaney, and Cam Burns.

Waterford.on Bandcamp
Birds Love Fighting

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