Friday, April 18, 2014

Record Store Day pick #4: Tayla Lynn - Coal Dust 7"

So far my Record Store Day picks include a golden piece of Dunedin history (here), a wonderful fuzz pop collaboration (here) and a tasty chunk of alt rock (here).  And now we have my country pick -- Coal Dust, a 7" vinyl EP from Tayla Lynn.  This is just the sort of release that Record Store Day should present to music fans: Emerging talent; excellent songs and appealing packaging in a limited run.  The three tracks include "Coal Dust", a duet of "Honkey Tonk Girl" and an alternative version of "Coal Dust".  The title track is an heartfelt tale of growing up in the Lynn family.  It is a beautiful song, and worthy of leading off any record.  But with its acoustic arrangement and Gospel touches, the alternate version of "Coal Dust" currently is my favorite on the EP.  However, there is no denying the duet is about as special a song as you'll find on Record Store Day, as Tayla is joined by her Grandmother, Loretta Lynn, on an energetic version of one of Loretta's iconic songs.

Here is a recent live performance of "Coal Dust" --

Nashville fans should take note that Tayla will perform on April 19 at Ernest Tubb's Record Shop in Nashville (1 pm).

Tayla Lynn formerly was a member of Stealing Angels.  She is based in Seattle, and recently signed to Nashville's Victor House Records.  A six song EP is planned for this summer.

Victor House Records - Facebook

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