Thursday, April 10, 2014

REVIEW: Direct Effect - Sunburn

This album is nothing but a bunch of goddamned noise. It gave me a massive headache. At about the beginning of the third track, it suddenly became apparent to me that they were going to continue their brutal assault for the entirety of the album. This filled me with unspeakable joy, caused my eyes to roll back in my head, whereupon I jumped out of my La-Z-Boy, threw my arms in the air, shouted something nonsensical like "narcoterrorista!" and ran headfirst into the wall. Left a dent.

If you love Metz and Pissed Jeans, and boy howdy don't we all, you'll love Direct Effect. You can stream any or all of the album below, at their Soundcloud page.  You can buy physical copies from their label, Tiny Engines, or download it (13 kickass tracks for six bucks what are you waiting for getoutyercheckbook) from the Tiny Engines page at Bandcamp. Direct Effect are from Florida. You know, Creed and Dashboard Confessional also are from Florida, but don't worry, because Torche and Shai Hulud are also from Florida. I predict that in a few years, we'll be saying, 'don't worry, Direct Effect are from Florida.'

I give it 9.1 prison tattoos on a, say, 9.6 prison tattoo scale.

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