Friday, April 4, 2014

REVIEW: GUMS! - Something Rotten EP

GUMS! proclaim themselves a "fake" band, apparently because all of it members also are in other bands, and GUMS! thus far is mostly a studio-only project.  Some music writers might be loathe to spend time writing about a fake band.  But I figure that this is perfect for me, because I'm sort of a fake music journalist.  After all, I don't get paid for doing this, and I only do it sitting in a room at a computer.  I don't go to the Grammys or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions and interview musicians, and none of the networks or NPR call me to ask my opinion (NPR did call once, but it was a pledge drive.  I offered them some demo CDs, stickers and a poster).

This Glasgow band consists of Martin Smith (vocals), Jack Taylor (guitar, vocals), Nora Moomin (vocals, keys), and Joe Greatorex (bass).  Their music seems to have elements of Britpop, punk, garage,  and some Waits/MacColl musical storytelling, and overall it has an appealingly ramshackle DIY indie vibe.  I sense a lot of energy and fun in the music, and I like them -- that is, I'd like them if they were a real band.  In April 2013 GUMS! released the Antipathy EP, which is a free download (see link at the bottom of the post).   Their latest project is the Something Rotten EP, which will be released on April 7.  For this record, the band is joined by social commentator Callum Baird (who wrote three of the songs), and the stated intent is to chronicle everyday life and love in Glasgow.  Take a taste of the EP via the Baird-penned title track --

And here is Martin Smith's fine "Grangemouth at the Dawn" --

The Something Rotten EP was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Tommy Duffin.  You can stream/buy the entire record at the Bandcamp link below.

Here is a track from the Antipathy EP --

Bandcamp for the Something Rotten EP
Bandcamp for Antipathy EP

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