Tuesday, April 1, 2014

REVIEW: Bart Davenport - Physical World

Time to go to school! Californian Bart Davenport is your professor for a review course in pop music from the '60s to current times, and the course materials are Physical World.  The melodies are instantly familiar and engaging, the vocals are delivered in a soulful croon.  The touchstones are vintage power pop, soft rock, '60s pop (check out "Pamela" and "Loop in My Head") and glossy soul (think Philadelphia more than Memphis), with some jazz touches.  It is undeniably true that you will hear some Todd Rundgren, Joe Jackson, and even a little Steely Dan (i.e. "Every Little Step"), but Bart and friends clearly aren't content to limit themselves to any handful of influences and the blending is artful.

If you like pop music, audit this course via the tracks below, and you make decide to sign up for full credit.

Physical World is out now.  Digital and vinyl is available via Lovemonk Records, and the cassette version from the inimitable Burger Records.  Bart's participating musicians on the album were Jessica Espeleta, Wayne Faler, Nathan Shafer, Andres Renteria, and Paul Burkhart.

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Bart Davenport Facebook
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allisonly said...

Thank you for such a nice review of my favorite new album! xoxo