Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Face Full of Sand" by Mummy Short Arms

A couple of years ago I was blown away by the debut album from Glasgow's Mummy Short Arms.  I haven't heard much about them since 2012, but since a favorable review and high year-end ranking from me likely put them into a position to travel the world, live in mansions and date supermodels, I can understand a temporarily low profile on the artistic front -- especially as we music writers enjoy a similar lifestyle.  But fortunately for the band's fans, they are releasing a new digital single, "Face Full of Sand" on April 14.  The single consists of the title track and the JMK remix of the song.

To my ears, Mummy Short Arms has lost none of their brilliance in songcraft, and shed none of the distinctive and individual madness that makes them, well, Mummy Short Arms.  The signature MSA package is dynamic and forward-pushing arrangements, excellent musicianship, and vocals on the brink, and it is all here on this single.  And for what its worth, while I'm not a big remix fan and I like this one quite a bit.  It retains enough of the song to be related for purposes of inheritance, but does much more with it than most remixes.

"Face Full of Sand" is available as of April 14 via Glasgow label Flowers in the Dustbin.  It will be available through normal digital outlets.  Everyone needs a bit of Mummy Short Arms in their life.

Pre-Order Page for Record
Flowers in the Dustbin (Facebook)
Flowers in the Dustbin Bandcamp page

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