Thursday, April 3, 2014

REVIEW: Little Racer - Modern Accent EP

"Oh", you say, "a Brooklyn band".  And then you frame what you expect to read through some predetermined lens.  The expectation may be precious weirdness or overwrought hipsterism.  And I may have been tempted to do the same had I not had the pleasure of possessing the single Little Racer released on London's Young and Lost Club last year.  So I knew what to expect when the Modern Accent EP arrived, but even that advance knowledge didn't prepare me for how good, and how satisfying, this record is.  Consisting of six well-crafted indie pop tracks, the layered guitars shimmer and jangle, and the rhythm section drives and throbs.  The vocals have a touch of soul, buoyed by sunny choruses.  There is almost a beach/tropical vibe to this set, without overtly qualifying as surf pop.  In my opinion, these songs are polished perfection, and with the aid of the repeat button you have a full LP of delightful music.

I've provided half the tracks below for your evaluation, and I expect you will like all of them.  "Fire Island" may be my favorite, but I don't have a stream for that one.  Don't complain -- buy the EP.

Little Racer was formed in 2010.  The current line up is Elliot Michaud (vocals, guitar), Ish Nazmi (bass), Wade Michael (guitar) and Dave Tedeschi (drums).  The Modern Accent EP will be released on April 8 via Papercup Music in North America and Young and Lost Club in the UK.

Paper Cup Music page for EP


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