Thursday, March 28, 2013

REVIEW: Pigbag - Year of Pigbag

Sometimes you need variety.  Sometimes you need spice.  Frankly, sometimes you need some Pigbag.  Bristol's Sugar Shack Records understands your needs, and has conspired to deliver Pigbag's first album of new material in about three decades.  What is Pigbag?  It is a funk oriented Afro-Jazz combo that had a hit in the early '80s (the wonderfully named "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag").  The band was inactive from 1983 to 2011, then reunited with Chris Lee (trumpet), Kolfi Adu (percussion) and Ollie Moore (saxophones), all of whom are original members, and additional members John Sam (drums), Sven Atterton (bass), Karme Caruso (keyboards), Max O'Donnell (guitar) and Matt Dowse (trombone).  The new release, Year of the Pigbag, is an energetic, funky album that will surprise and delight any dance party or any gathering that would benefit from a groove.  Here is an album where the brass and rhythms are the stars.  Move your feet!

Sugar Shack Records released Year of the Pigbag on March 25.  It is available on CD on via digital download.

Sugar Shack Records
Bandcamp for Year of Pigbag
Band Website

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Frank Fahey said...

2 Tone meets Second Line> All that is missing is the Tuba bassline. Great Stuff