Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Welsh Glam/Punk Discovery: Beard of Wolves - new EP, video, free download

Beard Of Wolves are a North Wales duo playing heavy glam/punk/metal. If you like to consider what old T Rex, filtered through industrial stuff like Depeche Mode, might sound like, give this a listen. The single ‘Wet Mouth’ is out now on limited edition 7" white vinyl through the Too Pure singles club. The new track ‘My Father Drives The Death Star’ is also available to download for free:

Beard Of Wolves self-titled EP was released March 18, and the band also released a video for another track. Here's "Wet Mouth":

More music and more tour dates to come soon. The band claims that playing live is their real love: "We wanted BOW to be fun to play live before anything else. If people can see you're into it, they're more inclined to take notice of you. And that's what we want. We want people to take notice, we want people to watch us play live, lots of them"

Beard Of Wolves Facebook

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