Wednesday, March 13, 2013

REVIEW: The New Lows - I Couldn't Sleep

In listing things for which I can be thankful, I have added the decision to contact me about the album I Couldn't Sleep from Mike Levin's band The New Lows.  Levin is an experienced punk/indie rocker who has been involved in several bands.  He has been working under the name The New Lows since 2000, although the current lineup of Levin, Bobby Pino, Gregg Lightfoot and Wes Snowden firmed up after Levin moved to the Orlando area in 2008.

What we get from The New Lows is no frills chunky guitar riffs, soulful southern rock singing and punk energy, all fleshing out the bones of very good songwriting.  In my view, sincere stories told by a musician who really wants to share them is a large part of what makes indie rock worthwhile, and these guys are a prime exhibit.  This is one of those off-the-radar albums that you'll be very glad you investigated.

Try out The New Lows with a great slice of southern tinged indie rock --

"Arbor" shows the band's more reflective side --

The band displays their punkier side on "Bite Me" --

I Couldn't Sleep is available at the Bandcamp link below, as well as from Amazon and iTunes.


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