Thursday, March 7, 2013

REVIEW: Ohvaur - A Memories Chase

Ohvaur is a Chicago/Miami band featuring frontman Timothy Den, who formerly fronted Boston band Kimone. Ohvaur is playing expansive, synth-based electronic rock and exploring themes of travel, home and longing - this helps account for the very heavy emotional lean to the vocals. To call him peripatetic would be a bit of an understatement. Part of Den's story is the very emotional experience of living as an undocumented immigrant for a large part of his life, and while such an existence made his adolescent and young adult search for identity more difficult, in the end, it actually helped Den find out that he's more than where he's been or what he's done. 

A Memories Chase uses these experiences (both Den's and those of Ohvaur's other members, several of whom have also been part of an immigrant experience - either their own or, as children, their parents') to help inform an outlook (and a sound) that is restless and deeply emotional. The other members of Ohvaur are: Daniel Escauriza, Joel Hernandez, Mike Horick, and Christian Loaiza.

Here's the title track:

The second cut, "You Chose to Bury Love," is a little bit more straight-ahead pop in its structure: 

while others, like album closer "Whole," are fuller-sounding. As the album works its way through these themes, you hear Den singing about parts and places, but the conclusion is that no one part or place is sufficient to make the whole - the person or the world.

It's out this week (3/5) - self-released by the band, and you can learn more at their Facebook page.

Ohvaur Facebook

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